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2021 Session Descriptions

Shana Reeves.jpg
Finding Sanctuary While Living in Chaos

From the outside, the Reeves looked like an ordinary family. Dad worked, mom ran a home daycare, and the kids were happy and healthy — or so it appeared. But within the walls of their home, the Reeves were hiding secrets: substance abuse, mental health issues, and child abuse.

Shana, the oldest of three, found her sanctuary after almost drowning in a ditch. This sanctuary provided her a temporary escape from the unpredictable environment in which she lived and ultimately helped her break the cycle and take charge of her future.

As the first person in her family to graduate high school, Shana went on to college and started a career at the City of Farmington. She’s now the director of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs, the largest department in the City.

This is the first time Shana is sharing her personal story in hopes of bringing encouragement, inspiration, and confidence to other girls and women who’re are struggling with adversity.

Shana Reeves
Resiliency: A Commitment to Perseverance
Linda Rodgers
Linda Rodgers Session
Linda Rodgers Speaker

Most people have overcome hardships, including illness, job loss, divorce, the death of a loved one, unexpected catastrophic events, and more. 

After the death of her husband, Linda was uncertain about her future and whether she could ever feel joy and happiness again. But, in the midst of pain, loss and a nationwide pandemic, Linda found that resiliency is a critical component to a happy, healthy life.  In fact, it's what helps us to get back up after tremendous loss and tragedy. Just like anything in life, resiliency is a skill we learn and can build.   

Linda's story is one of perseverance, faith, hope, and determination.  Through her story, she will share with you what she's learned, how she's coped, and why she has faith in the future.  

Chief Hebbe
From Resistance to Receptivity 
How leaders can change the culture of their organizations  
Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe
Chief Hebbe_

Change begins at the top. 


Far too long have organizations operated with the, “Because we’ve always done it this way” mentality. Is it fear of trying something new and ending in failure? Is it because it takes too much effort to facilitate change? Or is it because the boss doesn’t want an employee outshining them?


Whatever the resistance, this phrase is one of the most damaging to an organization or business as it doesn’t support growth, innovation, or employees. And sometimes the resistance isn’t from the boss, but from the employees.  


Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe has a strict policy of avoiding the, “Because we’ve always done it this way,” phrase. His “find a way” mindset has helped mold the Farmington Police Department into a forward-thinking agency that embraces change for the betterment of employees, the department, and the community it serves. His leadership approach is unique in that he is willing to try new things — even if they fail.  


In this session, Chief Hebbe will discuss his efforts to recruit and retain more women into one of the most male-dominated fields. Historically difficult for women to enter, law enforcement was traditionally viewed as a hyper-masculine profession, projecting “standards” of what women must be and endure in order to have long and successful careers as police officers. 


A nonsubscriber of this philosophy, Chief Hebbe broke the mold with his push against resistance to change these outdated views and practices that set aspiring female officers up for failure. 


In this session, Chief Hebbe will explore the approaches he’s taken to make positive changes in support of female colleagues, helping them overcome common challenges to go on to have long, successful careers. He’ll discuss the resistance he received to some of those changes and how he’s shifted naysayers into supporters. 


The audience will gain perspective on: 


-Leadership approaches to changing workplace culture and getting away from the, “We’ve always done it this way mindset”   

-Creating policies to address potential issues

-Providing female-focused training AND encouraging male colleagues to attend to gain an  understanding of their challenges

-Getting employees to think outside the box

-Identifying and embracing employees’ strengths 

Financial & Estate Planning: It Doesn't Have to be a Sterile Conversation
Heather Holmes & Nicci Unsicker
Heather & Nicci
Heather & Nicci

Financial advisor Heather Holmes and attorney Nicci Unsicker come together to breathe life into a topic women often overlooked or put on the backburner —  financial and estate planning. Heather and Nicci are passionate about planning for your future, both in retirement and estate planning. It’s critical not only for yourself but your loved ones that you have a well-thought-out and comprehensive plan for your later years to ensure your comfort and reduce the stress on those who care about you.


Women Face a Unique Set of Challenges

Women are often entrusted with the task of managing the household, caring for the children, paying the bills, and keeping the budget. A large percentage of women take on these tasks while maintaining their own careers. Even with the numerous roles they play regarding money and the multiple responsibilities they have, many women still defer to their male partners when it comes to investing. Let’s talk about this!


Not Your Father’s Estate Plan

Women by nature are planners. But do YOU have one of the most important plans in place? Estate planning is a crusty word, reminiscent of stale documents full of legalese. Your estate plan should be as dynamic as you are! 


What is your Legacy? 

EVERY WOMAN —  yep even the young ones —  needs an estate plan. Whether you have young children, adult children, no children, or pets, you need a plan for the end of your life. While assets will provide for those left behind, the accompanying documents determine the quality of your life. 


Protecting Autonomy at the End of Life

Who speaks for you when you cannot? What if you could be a powerful advocate for yourself at the end of your life? Power of Attorneys and Advance Healthcare Directives allow you to speak for yourself, even when you are no longer mentally or physically able. These documents are powerful tools that should be hand-tailored to each person’s wishes regarding end-of-life care. As a final, significant act of love, relieve stress from your friends and family by having these documents in place. 


Heather and Nicci intend to put an end to sterile conversations around financial and estate planning. Feel empowered as you live your best life now and in the future.

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