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2023 Summit Sessions

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Let Your Lowlights Become Your Highlights

Mary Bono

Life is simply filled with imbalance, sometimes far worse than other times. And anyone who says you can “have it all” should not be allowed to define “all” for you. Some of our biggest blunders can be setbacks, but over time, if we forgive ourselves (and others) for blunders, we can be released from the negative emotions and find joy.

Jennifer MCCoy

If I Can Do It,
Anyone Can!

Jennifer McCoy

Balancing it all can be difficult, but with a goal and a clear plan that's effectively executed, it's possible. Learn how to set your goal, plan your path, and handle everyday stressors like a pro. 

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A Candid Conversation on Balancing Family

Barbara Tedrow & Megan Cullip

From early childhood to end of life, Jamie Church has a discussion with Barbara Tedrow and Megan Cullip on balancing life while caring for children and aging parents.

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What the Ancestors Can Teach Us

Ceceilia Tso

Discover what our indigenous ancestors have to teach us about work/life balance. Ceceilia Tso, a leadership consultant and coach will discuss with us how the knowledge of the ancestors may be brought forward to show us how to recognize Hozhó (peace, balance, beauty, and harmony). We are one with the universe around us when we experience Hozhó; this is balance.

Ceceilia Tso is a Diné (Navajo) woman and leadership teacher/trainer and coach who sees herself as a catalyst, connecting two worlds. The world of our ancestors and modern life. She believes this connection moves us beyond merely surviving to a life of thriving and harmony.

Sarah Elkins

Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will

Sarah Elkins

When we hear the words Balancing “Act” we think immediately of pretending, of acting as a different character than who we truly are. But “act” can have another meaning; to act - to take action.

Balance isn’t a goal to achieve – it’s an action to practice.

Believe it or not, the stories you share have a direct impact on how you practice taking action. Your stories inform your internal messages and how others perceive you, so it’s critical to pay attention to those stories, to tell them in a way that inspires and connects you with yourself and others.


This entertaining, engaging session will inspire you to change the way you tell your stories, to be present in your life to make great stories, and to share the stories that connect you authentically with the people around you, bringing you comfort in knowing you’re taking action - you’re practicing finding balance - whatever that might mean for you.

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