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2022 Summit Sessions

Rebecca & Nevaeh.png
Destroyed Then Redeemed — How to Move Forward and Thrive When Life Feels Impossible

What do you do when someone completely destroys the life you’ve spent years building? Or when you’re dealt a hand that isn’t fair at all?


You take a deep breath. You block out the negative voices and focus on taking one step at a time. No matter how tiny that step is, if you keep moving forward, you will grow and heal.


Mother and daughter Rebecca & Nevaeh Luttrell will be sharing the story of what their family endured as everything they knew was stripped away. You’ll hear how Rebecca had to quickly figure out how she was going to provide for her family. From the ground up, she completely reinvented not only herself but her family’s legacy as well.


Hear their lows, their highs, and feel empowered knowing that absolutely nothing can keep you from reaching your dreams. 

Dr. Singleton.png
Are Cellular Memories Holding You Back from Becoming Who, What or Where You Want to be?

Dr. Sugar’s teaching will allow the listener to begin to understand not only where they are and why, but more importantly, how to propel their lives strategically in a new positive direction.


She will assist them to learn the tools that give permanent transformation on a deep cellular level in order to pursue a thriving self esteem, a flow of prosperity, and true fulfillment.

Carey Rose.png
"Be-Living" - Know You & Discover The Rest

Carey Rose discusses the strength in knowing who you are, not necessarily how you will achieve the vision. 

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Recovering After a Financial Setback 
Shawna Becenti.png
Hózhó Naashá Dooleeł: The time is now to find our balance in a world of chaos through mindset and your story.
Shellie Whitfield.png
A Very Big Fish

Reinventing yourself after a financial disaster can feel impossible. Wither it be divorce, medical bills, job loss or an unexpected emergency, getting back on track IS possible. Let's talk about the steps you take to get you there. 

Who am I? What is my purpose, and what makes me who I am? During this session, participants can ask themselves these questions and use an indigenous lens and matrilineal mindset to develop their own story. I will share my journey and highlight the beautiful matriarchs in my family that gave me a voice, passion, and purpose to be a strong Navajo mother, daughter, sister, and woman. Their lived experience helps me appreciate and acknowledge that our journeys are different and challenging. Through a balanced body, mind, and soul, we find a place for the reinvention of self.

An artist and a small southern community’s journey to becoming who they always were. A story about faith, vision, and serendipity.

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